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Minutes from the marina

Memorial Day Weekend. My wife and I got Sunday and Monday off so we decided to spend the night by Mason Neck, which is a 20-30 minute trip from the marina. Here are a few photos from our trip.
We got to our destination at about 6 PM. My wife Sally poses next to a banquet of brie, sausage, fruit, and crackers. Our normal drill is to have cocktails and appetizers until dark and then go in and have dinner.

We also keep a cribbage board around in case I feel like getting whipped. Sunset was great! As you can see several other boats were anchoring out for the night besides us. Although this little bay gets crowded during the day, at night there's less people and it's pretty serene.
The sunrise came misty, with pinks and blues. Normally you don't want a Poloroid for this but oh well...this part is great—it's quiet like when there's a big snow and then it sounds wide open, just like any spring day.

After a hop overboard to wash my hair, next stop was breakfast. The key on boats is to use leftovers and pre-cook some things so you only need a pan at a time, even a butane stove! Sally made eggs using the brie and some cold broccolli salad from the night before, heated up some sausage, and served it with rolls and fruit.

So what do we do while we're out there? Read, listen to music, dance under the stars, eat great food, swim, study charts, wax the boat, or, pictured here, Sally's favorite...just about nothing!