Our mission

At Hoffmaster’s our mission is to help you vision the most wonderful boating experience possible. Using 5 principles we call HoffCare, we promise to serve you:

  1. WITH INTEGRITY: Pricing consistency is our guiding value because it gives you confidence that we budget for a reasonable profit and don’t take advantage of people.

  2. WITH COURTESY AND RESPECT: We enjoy answering any question in a straightforward, honest and non-patronizing manner.

  3. WITH PROFESSIONALISM: We promise to fit you into the right boat and not just try to sell you what we have. We will never use disparaging remarks about a competitor or their product but will rather tell you why our customers chose us over the others and why they are delighted with their choice. We have won and continue to win major industry awards and have NMMA marine certification part of which means adhering to the Marine Industry Consumer Bill of Rights.

  4. WITH VISION: We will do the shopping for you—find the ideal brands, the ideal models in those brands, and the ideal equipment for those models.

  5. WITH SUPPORT: We will train you to be a confident boater.